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By | November 25th, 2015|Green Vibrance, Krebs Zinc, Super Natural Boron, Testimonials, Vitamin D3|

As a health practitioner, I work with all sorts of ills, aches and pains and problems with people’s health, and most of them are reasonably straightforward to correct with the right supplements and by lessening their acidity and /or treating their Candida or IBS or Crohn’s etc. But – the one thing I see a [...]

it’s been AMAZING

By | July 28th, 2015|Green Vibrance, Krebs Zinc, Pure Green Protein, Vitamin D3|

From Facebook: Jill wrote: "I totally agree. I have also been using a few products from the range for the past 6+ weeks - Green Vibrance, Vit D, Krebs zinc, pure green protein and it's been AMAZING - better digestion, better blood sugar control, more energy, less or no cravings, stronger teeth and gums, better [...]

Life changing experience

By | July 28th, 2015|General, Green Vibrance, Krebs Zinc, Vitamin D3|

I've had the life changing experience of adopting Vibrant Health products as part of my daily nutritional intake. I've had 2 telephone contacts with Ange who is phenominally encouraging and passionate about the products. As suggested, I take the green powder, krebs zinc, vitamin D3 4000 from Vibrant Health. I LOVE how my body and [...]