• Both Zinc and Plant Sterols in A Man’s Zinc have been shown to reduce prostate enlargement. Zinc arginate helps deliver zinc to the prostrate which helps stimulate sperm production, and prostate health. Plant sterols - known to reduce cholesterol also reduce prostrate enlargement.
  • Krebs Zinc

    Krebs Zinc is probably the most bio-available Zinc on the market and is an important mineral addition to every families dietary needs. Children need it in order for growth and to physically develop and mature, as well as keeping their skins clear. We all need it for healing, bone health, immune function, antioxidant protection, reproductive health, to maintain the senses of taste and smell – and to keep more than 300 enzymes in the body functioning properly.
  • Boron is a little known mineral but as its understanding grows, its use is becoming widespread. Boron’s role in bone support is well known, but recent research has shown it to play a key role in the regulation of testosterone levels. The effect can lead to an improvement in lean body mass. Boron has also been shown to reduce pain associated with arthritis. Phyto-Boron is in the preferred fructoborate form found in fruits.