Immune Defense


Immune Defense


An Immune Defence support formula the supplies specific antibodies and helps fight off disease causing organisms as they enter the body by focusing on the mucosal tissue lining. It helps clear post nasal drip, sinusitis, allergic reactions, colds and flu, by enhancing the immune system. Immune Defence is the first natural product to deliver such a high level of these antibodies (immunoglobulin’s).

Product Description

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Immune Defence provides high potency, bovine immunoglobulin’s together with other proven immune enhancers – to fight of all bacteria, viruses, yeasts and toxins commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract and mucosal tissue lining, and strengthen the bodies’ ability to fight them off.

Almost 80% of all disease-causing microbes enter the body through the mucosal tissue. The largest mucosal surface is the lining of the gastrointestinal (G.I.) tract. Immune cells located in the digestive tract walls, therefore, produce immunoglobulin’s to help protect us against potential infections that might arise from unsavoury organisms and toxins that may inadvertently arrive there via food or drink.

Immunoglobulins are antibodies, (specialized proteins) that either stop the invader or identify it so that other members of the immune system can destroy it. Immunoglobulin’s of bovine origin contain antibodies that supplement the human body’s own natural output of immunoglobulin’s generated by the immune cells lining the G.I. tract. Conservation of immune resources in the G.I. tract permits more immune resources to be available elsewhere in the body. Antibodies are gamma globulin proteins that are found in blood or other bodily fluids of vertebrates, and are used by the immune system to identify and neutralize foreign objects, such as bacteria and viruses.

Each antibody binds to a specific antigen; an interaction similar to a lock and key, immobilising the antigen, and preventing it from taking hold in the body.

The immunoglobulin material in Immune Defence also contains transferrin, endotoxin-binding proteins and other acute phase proteins that provide added immune support. Larch arabinogalactans (polysaccharides derived from the Larch tree) and beta glucans activate macrophages and NK cells, and trigger cell-to-cell messengers, thereby stimulating immune activity deep within the body, and attack the pathogens. In addition, RMA extract provides sulphated polysaccharides that contribute targeted immune support.

Why use Immune Defense?

  • It is a crisis intervention formula
  • It should be taken when the first signs of illness strike – to speed up antibody activity
  • It is useful against all sinus, post nasal drip and allergy reactions – by fighting off all the irritants in the mucosal tissue lining
  • It speeds  up healing of the mucosal tissue lining – thereby making it less prone to infections
  • It fights all bacteria, yeasts and viruses as well as toxins found  in the digestive tract
  • It frees up- more of the bodies immune resources to be available elsewhere in the body – preventing other illnesses from taking holder

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Available Sizes

60 Tablets

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Gluten Free / Soy Free


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