See Yourself Well Omega-3 Fish Oil (300 Capsules)

///See Yourself Well Omega-3 Fish Oil (300 Capsules)

See Yourself Well Omega-3 Fish Oil (300 Capsules)


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See Yourself Well™ Omega-3 products are ultra-refined and concentrated and smooth tasting while providing premium quality and optimum health benefit. Each capsule contains 400mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid), 200mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and Vitamin E. The products are formulated in the 2:1 EPA to DHA ratio consistent with the clinical literature for providing cardiovascular, neurological and inflammatory disease risk reduction.

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Studies published in human subjects show that the optimal dosage for capturing these risk reductions is based on a dosage of 3,000mg EPA and DHA, obtainable in 5 capsules of our Professional Grade See Yourself Well™ Omega-3 or 1 teaspoon of our Mango or Citrus flavoured Liquid. It is best to take the product with a meal.

See Yourself Well™ Omega-3 is made from South Pacific anchovy which is a non-endangered fish stock with a short life span ensuring that bio-accumulation of contaminants is kept to a minimum. Our Omega-3 is molecularly distilled ensuring a clean and high-quality product. Product Shelf Life: for liquid or capsules is a Minimum 2-3 Years.

Important Information for Consumers and Health Care Practitioners

Oxidation is a major issue as it pertains to liquid fish oils both in terms of free radicals and omega3 ingredient integrity. For premium quality in liquid oils, it is essential that companies follow certain procedures to guarantee freshness. See Yourself Well™ liquid oils go through a high end manufacturing process called nitrogen purging at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and reduce oxidative stress on each bottle of liquid product. Despite this technique, many companies have issues with oxidation due to a lack of nitrogen purging within the manufacturing process, which is why many companies prefer the encapsulated form since the gelatin acts as an oxygen barrier. This in turn shows up in oxidation studies when comparing liquid oils to encapsulated product after the safety seal has been broken.

The encapsulated product will typically have a 2-3 year shelf life. Other liquid oils will have a 9-12 month shelf life – unlike SYW liquid oil which has a 2 year shelf life. Once the seal has been opened, the encapsulated product will not show oxidative stress for approximately 90 days. With open neck spout liquid oils, it can begin showing up in as little as 14 days and in many cases, the omega-3 are often completely oxidized by day 28. With rancidity setting in, cancer promoting agents such as peroxide and its bi-products begin to become both present and significant. Lastly, Vitamin E is often added for its anti-oxidant capabilities but producers often opt for the alpha form which is cheaper than the superior gamma or mixed tocopherol for oxidation protection.

Triglyceride versus Ethyl Ester Form

We use only the natural triglyceride form of fish oil. Triglycerides contain a glycerol backbone stabilizing the oil molecules in their natural form. Fish oils in ethyl ester form are highly unstable and rapidly break down during storage. Additionally, when fish oils are digested, they are converted into free fatty acids. After absorption through the epithelial cells, free fatty acids are immediately converted into triglycerides. If the glycerol backbone is missing (as they are with ethyl esters), and no other glycerol backbones are available, the oil cannot be converted back to triglyceride form. Fatty acids not converted to triglycerides pose an oxidation burden in the form of free radical formation.

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See Yourself Well Omega-3 Fish Oil

See Yourself Well Omega-3 Fish Oil (300 Capsules)

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