A couple of months ago,  I noticed that my female tortoise was not herself. She struggled to walk and did not have much of an appetite.

I took her to the vet and after doing an xray, he showed me that she had 14 eggs inside her.  He diagnosed that she had a lack of calcium as her shell was softer than it should be. The calcium was used to form the eggs.

For a week, I took her for daily calcium injections and he gave me calcium powder to put over her food.  Once a week I put her in luke warm water and the eggs were released. I was happy and thought she was getting stronger.

As time went by, she weakened and I was very worried. She wouldn’t come out for food and could barely move. Not knowing what else to do I decided to sprinkle Maximum Vibrance over her food as it is plant based and packed with nutrients. I had to carry her to her pile of food as she was too weak but luckily she ate some of the food along with the Maximum Vibrance. I continued this regime for a couple of days, carrying her to her food and watching her munch it down, until one morning she was already there and waiting for her meal. It was such a pleasant surprise and such a relief.

The difference was remarkable and all within a couple of days. She finished all her food and started walking around the garden. Not yet at her old pace, but I was so overjoyed that she now had the energy to walk around and look a little more like her old self.

I know it is the Maximum Vibrance that made the difference and will certainly continue giving it to her daily.