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Welcome to Natural Vibrance

Natural Vibrance wishes to bring healing to as many individuals as possible, raise awareness of the effects that our actions have on the impeccable balance of our planet, all whilst conducting an ethical business that returns financial well being to its business partners and employees.

To source and supply the best and most effective health products available, through educating the public, health shops, medical profession and alternative practitioners about the benefits and healing properties of organic plant based nutrients and minerals vs. the damages of chemical and nature identical vitamins.

Through ethical information and advertising, reach as many people as possible, to make ourselves available at all times to teach and educate all who cross our paths – so they may make more informed decisions about their health and that of their families.

To consider the environment and the impact our business has on it at all times and ensure we have a low negative carbon footprint and strive to influence every individual and company we work with to be conscious of the effects we have on the environment.

To be the best supplier of organic complimentary medicine – products that are truly effective and offer the client/consumer genuine healing capabilities – with care and respect for each client, maintaining a strong code of ethics and moral conduct in all we do, and constantly striving to be a more committed and environmentally sound company.

Vibrant Health provides supplemental nutrition that supports human biochemistry. The steady decline in trace nutrients from fresh foods, and increased refined and fast foods in our modern diets, has led us to believe that supplemental nutrition is a necessity, if one hopes to achieve a robust immune system and vibrant health.

More about us, Natural Vibrance is a company specializing in the importing and distribution of the finest health and healing products nature provides.

Angé is a qualified Occupational Therapist, who has studied and followed alternative healing therapies for the past twenty years while living in New York.

She returned to SA sixteen years ago, and started Importing the Vibrant Health range of organic nutritional supplements – as she had a profound first hand healing experience from the Green Vibrance in the range, a few years prior when extremely ill herself.

As a health consultant, Ange uses her broad knowledge of the human body, as well as health and healing modalities to determine her client’s innate needs. She works deeply with her own very strong instincts which she confirms via Kinesiology. She is able to tap into a client’s energy field – even over the phone, to help work out their problems and find solutions. This is all done in conjunction with changing and evolving the client’s lifestyle and diet (in order to take out all irritants to the body while cellular healing is taking place), and helped with detoxification, Nutritional, mental, spiritual and emotional support). Any and all conditions can be treated: constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, Colitis, Candida, fatigue, M.E, viral over load i.e. herpes, as well as arthritis, joint health, sports nutrition, Cholesterol and general well being etc.


Meet Our Team

Angé Loock-Shearer
Angé Loock-ShearerCEO & Director
Anita van der Merwe
Anita van der MerweOperations Manager
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Kimberly KempProduct Support
Jacques Burger
Jacques BurgerGraphic Designer, Website Administrator & Marketing
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Samuel MunjayiStock Control & Shipping