Ange is a qualified Occupational Therapist, who is also a passionate health and nutritional advisor and has studied and followed alternative healing therapies for the past twenty years while living in New York. Ange moved away from conventional medicine after witnessing the affects that modern drugs had on patients during her Psychiatric practical block at Stikland Medical institution. It was during this time that she realised that modern medicine did not address the cause of illness nor did it aim to heal the patient. Drugs “treat” the disease rather than the patient that is suffering from it and Ange swore to herself that she would never use drug treatment unnecessarily when effective and natural solutions are available. She would heal the patient as a whole and on a much deeper level – spiritually, emotionally, mentally and

Ange’s interest in health started as a young girl after falling ill with Tick Bite Fever at the age of 11. Up until this point she had never been sick in her life. To make matters worse Ange was misdiagnosed, fell into a coma and was put on to high dosages of anti-biotics over a period of months, as a result her health never recovered and neither did her G.I. tract until she discovered Green Vibrance about 10 years ago.

Ange suffered with IBS for over 15 years, which resulted in serious malabsorption despite living completely organically and taking “top” of the range supplements. Her gut simply did not absorb any of the nutrients that she put into her body. It was only after taking Green Vibrance that within a in period of 3 weeks Ange’s IBS symptoms completely disappeared. Green Vibrance healed her gut completely but unfortunately the severe deficiencies, Lymes disease and high stress levels
experienced whilst running her own company in New York, eventually resulted in Ange contracting Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. It is Ange’s ongoing battle with illness, passion for healing and caring nature that continues to inspire her to
help others. Ange is passionate about healing and educating not only practitioners but everyone about the wonderful healing abilities of nature and in particular the Vibrant Health range.

Ange returned to SA 9 years ago, unexpectedly pregnant at the age of 45. Ange opened her own practice, incorporating the entire Vibrant Health range into her treatments as she believed so wholly in ethics and scientific nature of all Mark Timon’s formulations and had experienced the health benefits first hand many years prior when she was very ill and after trying anything and everything this was her turn around point. Vibrant Health products combine the best ingredients that nature has to provide in order to meet the needs of the human body’s biochemistry.

As a health consultant, Ange uses her broad knowledge of the human body, as well as health and healing modalities to
determine her client’s innate needs. She is a qualified as a TRE level 2 practitioner, Touch for TRE (facia release) and QEC practitioner (changing self limiting beliefs). By working with clients to release trauma held in the body, breaking self limiting beliefs, changing and evolving their diet and lifestyle she helps them to achieve optimum health in the most profound and beautiful way.

Ange does this by working deeply with her own very strong instincts, as a medical intuitive, which she confirms via Kinesiology. She is able to tap into a client’s energy field – even over the phone, to help work out their problems and find solutions. Ange tailors a clients healing protocol to their needs by using trauma release, QEC, detoxification, nutritional, mental, spiritual and emotional support. Ange believes that any and all conditions can be treated with nature as the guide: constipation, diarrhoea, IBS, Colitis, Candida, fatigue, M.E, viral over load i.e. herpes, as well as arthritis, joint health, sports nutrition, cholesterol and general well-being, the list goes on…



  • Natural Vibrance wishes to bring healing to as many individuals as possible, raise awareness of the effects that our actions have on the impeccable balance of our planet, all whilst conducting ethical business that returns financial well-being to it’s business partners and employees.
  • To source and supply the best and most effective health products available, through educating the public, health shops, medical profession and alternative practitioners about the benefits and healing properties of organic plant based nutrients and minerals vs. the damages of chemical and nature identical vitamins.
  • Through ethical information and advertising, reach as many people as possible, to make ourselves available at all times to teach and educate all who cross our paths – so they may make more informed decisions about their health and that of their families.
  • To be the best supplier of organic complimentary medicine – products that are truly effective and offer the client/consumer genuine healing capabilities – with care and respect for each client, maintaining a strong code of ethics and moral conduct in all we do, and constantly striving to be a more committed and environmentally sound company.
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