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Improved Bowel Support

By | 2018-07-25T15:44:40+02:00 July 25th, 2018|Improved Bowel Support|

Thank you very much for the always excellent service you provide. You introduced me to the Improved Bowel Support product last year. I suffer from severe Irritable Bowel sindrome and and had various surgeries to my colon in the past and after I started using IBS my digestive health improved a lot. It reduced bloating, [...]

a PROPER probiotic

By | 2017-03-28T15:56:40+02:00 March 15th, 2017|Green Vibrance, Testimonials|

Thank you for everyone’s fantastic support through my Dad’s radiation and chemo. I can only give praise to my sister who did her homework 200%. After being asked to leave the hospital for questioning the doctor’s on my Dad’s care, she put him on a PROPER probiotic – Green Vibrance - to uphold his immune [...]

Healing diabetic wounds with Turmeric

By | 2019-07-17T16:49:40+02:00 October 24th, 2016|Glycemic H, Green Vibrance, Maximized Turmeric, Testimonials|

Healing diabetic wounds - Links Sister’s healing Sometimes one just is faced with the most awful situations of neglect and ill health as a health practitioner – and this was one of those cases. My dear gardener Links, of 13 years who lives on my property came to me with tears in his eyes one [...]

Green Vibrance Arsenic myth debunked

By | 2017-07-07T13:35:17+02:00 May 3rd, 2016|Articles, General|

“Green Vibrance is no more poisonous – and is indeed far more healthful – than any other natural or whole food a person might consume.” Mark Timon Q & A: According to, an independent food research company that examines health and nutrition products, Green Vibrance contains roughly 24 micrograms of the carcinogen arsenic per [...]

Vibrant Health Responds to Heavy Metal Concerns with Green Powder Supplement Updates

By | 2017-07-07T13:35:17+02:00 November 25th, 2015|Maximum Vibrance|

Vibrant Health, a leading manufacturer of dietary supplements, is pleased to announce updates to its top 3 green formulas: Green Vibrance, Maximum Vibrance, and Vibrance (not available in SA due to new government regulations). These advances will lower heavy metal levels and are a response to the modern and legitimate concerns of the marketplace as [...]


By | 2017-07-07T13:35:17+02:00 November 25th, 2015|Green Vibrance, Krebs Zinc, Super Natural Boron, Testimonials, Vitamin D3|

As a health practitioner, I work with all sorts of ills, aches and pains and problems with people’s health, and most of them are reasonably straightforward to correct with the right supplements and by lessening their acidity and /or treating their Candida or IBS or Crohn’s etc. But – the one thing I see a [...]


By | 2017-07-07T13:35:17+02:00 November 25th, 2015|Maximum Vibrance|

Vibrant Cleanse is a powdered organic formula of Grade B Maple Syrup, Lemon and Cayenne Pepper taken as part of the Master Cleanse which is a 3-12 day fasting cleanse where one drinks 6-8 glasses of Vibrant Cleanse a day. Vibrant Cleanse provides sustenance without cellular stress, so that each cell of the body can [...]