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“Vitamins Are Of No Consequence Without Minerals”

Let that sink in a bit... minerals NOT vitamins are the foundation of health and that’s not saying don’t take vitamins but rather take your vitamins and minerals in food form where they are inextricably linked not only to each other but to enzymes, co-enzymes, known and unknown nutrients. This is why food is medicine, our bodies recognise and absorb [...]

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Warts be gone!

One of my clients' daughter's, 7 years old, hands were covered in warts. They thought it looked disfigured and that she would have to live with it forever. I recommended she uses the Vibrant Health Gigartina, 3 capsules twice a day & apply the RMA Ointment twice a day.   After 6 weeks they noticed a remarkable difference and after 10 [...]

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Intermittent Fasting, and Why You Need to Try It.

So, what is Intermittent Fasting?! Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a method of fasting that concentrates all of your eating within a specified hourly period of a 24 hour cycle and fasting for the alternative portion of the cycle. A typical example is an 8/16 fast where you consume food within an 8 hour window and fast for the other 16 [...]

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Detox – Myth or Ultimate Healing Tool?

Cleansing, fasting, and detoxing have been the centre of heated debates for many years. Some believe that the benefits are immeasurable, while others believe that the whole idea is a myth. But before we dive into what we believe, it’s important to identify your interpretation of cleansing. For us, cleansing is not a complete fast, but rather a cleansing fast [...]

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Urinary Tract Health – An Alternative To Antibiotics

A UTI is something 60% of women will suffer with in their lifetime and 25% will get on a recurring basis. It’s often the start of a vicious cycle of antibiotics and a compromised immune system. BUT there is an alternative. The Vibrant Health UT range has been specifically developed for this reason and it is made up of three products... UT [...]

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Which Probiotic Is For You?

Probiotics - Which One Is For You? 5 Vibrant Health Products That Contain Probiotics - Find Out Which One Is For You. Our microbiome is a diverse and wonderful organism, working for our health in more ways than we are ever likely to know about. One thing for certain is that there is a clear connection between obesity and microbiome [...]

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