Testosterone & Boron

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I’ve been on the Boron for 3 weeks now and can feel a major improvement and lost 3kg of fat. I went for a body assessment this morning and the doctor who advised me to use DHEA to increase the Testosterone levels said it’s working well but I explained to him that I stop [...]

Improved Bowel Support

By | 2018-07-25T15:44:40+02:00 July 25th, 2018|Improved Bowel Support|

Thank you very much for the always excellent service you provide. You introduced me to the Improved Bowel Support product last year. I suffer from severe Irritable Bowel sindrome and and had various surgeries to my colon in the past and after I started using IBS my digestive health improved a lot. It reduced bloating, [...]

A Story About A Tortoise And Maximum Vibrance

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A couple of months ago,  I noticed that my female tortoise was not herself. She struggled to walk and did not have much of an appetite. I took her to the vet and after doing an xray, he showed me that she had 14 eggs inside her.  He diagnosed that she had a lack of [...]


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Ange is a qualified Occupational Therapist, who is also a passionate health and nutritional advisor and has studied and followed alternative healing therapies for the past twenty years while living in New York. Ange moved away from conventional medicine after witnessing the affects that modern drugs had on patients during her Psychiatric practical block at Stikland Medical institution. [...]


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Dean, age 5 turning 6 at the time, went on a course of Gigartina for 6 months, as per the wart protocol, starting in June 2017. I followed the high dosage wart protocol and I did not miss a day. Dean ended his Gigartina course at the end of December 2017. Dean's warts did not [...]


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My 3 year old daughter started with the chicken pox on Wednesday so I called Natural Vibrance and asked if there was anything that I can use to help her fight it and was told about Gigartina. Having had success with the range before in treating a bladder turned kidney infection when I was pregnant [...]

a PROPER probiotic

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Thank you for everyone’s fantastic support through my Dad’s radiation and chemo. I can only give praise to my sister who did her homework 200%. After being asked to leave the hospital for questioning the doctor’s on my Dad’s care, she put him on a PROPER probiotic – Green Vibrance - to uphold his immune [...]

Healing diabetic wounds with Turmeric

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Healing diabetic wounds - Links Sister’s healing Sometimes one just is faced with the most awful situations of neglect and ill health as a health practitioner – and this was one of those cases. My dear gardener Links, of 13 years who lives on my property came to me with tears in his eyes one [...]