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DISCLAIMER: Information on this page is not intended as a substitute for advice provided by a competent health care professional. You should not use this information in diagnosing or treating a health problem. No claim or opinion in this email is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. If you are now taking any drugs, prescribed or not, or have a medical condition, please consult a competent physician who is aware of herb/drug interactions before taking any herbal supplements. The information presented herein has not been evaluated by the FDA or the Department of Health and is not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease or illness.

Can I use Green Vibrance if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? 2017-05-15T15:44:53+02:00

Yes. If you are pregnant, Green Vibrance can increase circulation, energy, and supply the mother and baby with essential trace nutrients. The formula will also help to alkalize the Mother who may be experiencing instances of indigestion.

Can I give Green Vibrance to my cat or dog? 2015-08-24T16:36:28+02:00

Yes. Over the past twenty years consumers have share with us stories of how their pets love Green Vibrance. We have follow dosage chart. Compare weight of Pet to infant, toddler, or adult.

Can I use Green Vibrance more than once a day? 2015-08-25T10:00:04+02:00

Yes. Green Vibrance can be taken one or more times per day. More than once per day and up to three times per day is recommended for crisis intervention.

I have cancer, can Green Vibrance help? 2015-08-24T16:35:03+02:00

Yes. Green Vibrance can help make your body alkaline. Studies have shown that cancer cells have a hard time living in an alkaline system. Green Vibrance is also designed to help boost One�s Immunity. A robust Immune system aids in fighting Cancer Cells.

Is Green Vibrance safe for children? 2015-08-24T16:30:10+02:00

Yes, see dosage chart.

Is there any Soy in your Tocotrienols? 2015-08-25T10:14:30+02:00

There is no soy. Palm oil and rice bran oil are the sources. The capsule is gelatin.

Where does phyto-boron come from? 2015-08-25T10:14:00+02:00

Our phyto-boron is a patented calcium fructo-borate that Vibrant Health obtains from Van Drunen Farms. Human clinical trials verify its high bioavailability. The material is synthesized by replicating the forms of boron found in fruit where boron is bound to calcium and fruit sugars

I had some discomfort in my knees, hip and shoulder that seems to have improved since I began using Joint Vibrance. What maintenance dose would you recommend? 2015-08-25T10:13:18+02:00

The answer to that depends on the degree of joint damage present at the start of your Joint Vibrance regimen. If you still have any discomfort in your knees, hip or shoulder, I would recommend continuing Joint Vibrance at a full scoop each day. At some point in time, you will notice either that your joints either no longer bother you at all, or there appears to be no further improvement to be hoped for.

If you have reached a stage where the joints are pain free, with good mobility, or where no further improvement is to be had, I recommend switching to a maintenance program where you do not take Joint Vibrance for about 8 weeks, and then take it again on a daily basis for about a month. This alternating schedule will allow you to maintain previous gains, and repair any wear and tear that occurs during the periods “off” Joint Vibrance.

Is there is any contraindication of Joint Vibrance with Methotrexate? 2015-08-25T10:12:22+02:00

No, separate functions of Joint Vibrance and of Methotrexate do not conflict. Methotrexate interferes with cell replication, and can inhibit several enzymes, resulting in immune suppression of T-cell function. Joint Vibrance is designed to stimulate and support the synthesis of collagen and cartilage. The process does not call for the growth of new cells, but only demands that the cells (Chondorcytes) already present inside the cartilage do their job of manufacturing the components of new cartilage.

Does the Arthred in Joint Vibrance come from cows that are raised organically or at least without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones? 2015-08-25T10:11:40+02:00

Arthred is manufactured in Germany from the hides of German cattle. The animals are not necessarily organically grown, but Germany and the EU have strict regulations governing the health and biochemical cleanliness of livestock. Use of growth hormones and the sale of hormone treated beef are banned within the EU, and twenty years ago, Europe banned the importation of animals treated with growth hormones. Even so, the process of extracting the collagen from hides, after which the hydrolysis of collagen to gelatin and then to Arthred removes any impurities or contaminants, including BSE. Arthred is thus pharmaceutically pure free amino acids, di and tri-peptides from collagen.

What is the suggested daily intake of Green Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) for teenagers, adults and pregnant women? 2017-07-07T13:35:23+02:00

Teenagers’ metabolism is at its lifetime peak, building most tissues at a fearsome rate. Calcium is needed at high levels. Depending on the quality of the diet, 1,000 to 2,000 mg of calcium should support growth well. However, soft drink consumption (especially those containing phosphoric acid), processed foods, snack items and other less-than-wholesome foods that often invade a youth’s diet, can compromise the dietary calcium contribution and utilization.

Dietary habits play such an important role in calcium bioavailability and utilization that it is impossible to accurately predict what intake of calcium will work best for any given person without knowing their customary eating habits and lifestyle choices. Nevertheless, most experts claim that 1,000 to 1,200 mg calcium is adequate for adults, and 1,500 to 2,000 mg for pregnant and lactating women. For the latter, Green Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) is certainly safe for use during pregnancy. We recommend using it in combination with Phyto-Boron and Green Vibrance.

What are the best forms of supplemental magnesium, and when should I take them? 2015-08-25T10:10:14+02:00

We like high-magnesium Dunaliella salina algae, Mg taurate, Mg 2-AEP, Mg orotate, and Mg diglycinate, as well as Mg aspartate. These seem to be highly bioavailable and lowest in laxative effect. Magnesium oxide is the worst, with low to zero bioavailability, and a tendency to be readily converted to magnesium hydroxide (aka “Milk of Magnesia”) in the intestines.

Low magnesium can lead to muscle cramps, heart arrhythmias, hardening arteries, high blood pressure, and poor calcium utilization. Since it stimulates parathyroid hormone, the hormone that commands osteoclasts to tear down bone, supplemental Mg should be taken from morning to mid afternoon, when the pull of gravity counters parathyroid hormone by calling forth calcitonin, the hormone that stimulates bone building osteoblasts. Then, at night, when parathyroid hormone usually holds sway, take some calcium and vitamin D3 before retiring to reduce parathyroid hormone secretion.

Does your Green Calcium product have magnesium? 2015-08-25T10:09:05+02:00

Green Calcium is low in Magnesium, although we are searching for a source of Magnesium that could be added to Green Calcium. In the meantime, We suggest supplemental Mg orotate, Mg diglycinate, Mg 2-AEP, Mg taurate, Mg aspartate, Mg Krebs cycle, or Mg citrate/malate. Magnesium should be taken with food in divided dosages. This means it should be taken in smaller dosages twice or three times per day in order to minimize its laxative effect. The first 4 types mentioned above are the least laxative. Daily dosage of Mg should be 80% to 100% of the dosage of calcium.

We also recommend vitamin D3 at a minimum daily intake of 2,000 i.u. However, current research indicates that if one’s bones are weakening, then 4,000 i.u are needed to restore and maintain appropriate levels of hormonal D (1-25-dihydroxy D3), which is the form of Vitamin D actually involved in placing calcium into bone tissue.

The Green Vibrance is a bit off—taste different and is off in color- Is this normal? 2015-08-25T10:00:42+02:00

Green Vibrance is a food and therefore is not standardized like most supplements. Depending on weather conditions and/or when or where the crops are harvested could vary the color and taste.

Do I need to take a multi-vitamin with Green Vibrance? 2015-08-24T16:49:37+02:00

Green Vibrance contains every nutrient known to man. However, depending on your diet, additional supplements may prove to be complementary. For example, If you are not getting enough Protein, Pure Green Protein would be a great addition.

What do the terms “Gram negative” and “Gram positive” mean with respect to probiotics? 2015-08-25T10:08:11+02:00

Gram negative and Gram positive refer to the dye stain used in the identification of bacteria. Gram staining is named for Hans Christian Joachim Gram (1853-1938), the Danish bacteriologist who developed the process. Gram gained an international reputation with his development of the method of staining bacteria that later played a major role in classifying bacteria.

The terms “negative” and “positive” carry no connotations of “bad” or “good” and refer only to the fact, which Gram observed, that some bacteria (Gram positive) hold on to the dye, but that alcohol or acetone can be used to wash the dye out of other bacteria (Gram negative). The retention or release of the stain by the bacteria relates to the structure of the bacteria’s cell membrane. Probiotic bacteria appear to be all Gram positive.

How much vitamin D should be taken with Green Calcium? 2015-08-25T10:07:29+02:00

A good daily intake of Vitamin D is now considered to be 2,000 i.u. Some researchers are advising daily intake of 5,000 i.u., similar to the recommended daily Vitamin A dosage, for optimal health.

D3 is the ideal form of Vitamin D to take as a supplement. The human body has control mechanisms in place that regulate conversion of D3 to its hormonal form, whereas D2 is foreign to the body, lacks controls, and can actually be too aggressive, causing deposition of calcium into soft tissues such as the arteries and muscles, a side effect not shared with D3

I am concerned that absorbing high amounts of calcium may cause constipation. 2017-07-07T13:35:23+02:00

Absorbed calcium plays far less a role in constipation than calcium compounds in transit through the bowels do, and since calcium is required for muscle contraction, absorbed calcium actually normalizes peristaltic action (the waves of muscle contractions that move things through the bowel) thus helping to ensure efficient transit of contents through the intestinal tract. Calcium from a food such as the hydrilla verticillata in Green Calcium is the least constipating of all forms of calcium.

Normal bowel function can be expected from a diet short on grains and refined carbohydrates, but containing plenty of fiber from fruits and vegetables and an adequate supply of probiotics, magnesium and Vitamin C.

Why are Maximized Curcuminoids and Green Calcium in tablet form rather than capsules? What about the use of dicalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate as excipients? 2017-07-07T13:35:23+02:00

The raw materials in Maximized Curcuminoids (turmeric root extract) and Green Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) have low bulk densities. Encapsulation would result in the need for multiple large capsules in order to provide a meaningful dose. For example, 1000-mg dose of curcuminoids would require two “00” or three “0” capsules, both of which are pretty hefty capsules about 20 mm in length. Vibrant Health’s tablets are all made using a minimum of excipients derived exclusively from purely vegetable sources. The Green Calcium tablet is quite a technological achievement, using just 6 mg of vegetable-sourced magnesium stearate as the only excipient other than a plant-derived cellulose coating.

I have Osteopenia and my doctor prescribed that I supplement with a specific mg’s of ELEMENTAL calcium daily. Kindly let me know in version 11.0, the amount in mg of elemental calcium, if any? I could not determine if Calzbone contains any elemental calcium or how much. 2015-08-25T10:04:55+02:00

The last assay showed 156 mg of elemental calcium. A new assay will be done very soon, after version 14.0 arrives. But there is MUCH more to the story than just calcium. Bones thin when more calcium is chronically lost in the urine than is absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract. The condition is called negative calcium balance. It should be noted that every animal and human clinical trial where researchers dosed their subject with calcium in an effort to overcome negative calcium balance resulted in failure. For example, if a test subject lost 400 mg per day of calcium, and the researchers gave an additional 600 mg to compensate, the subject would begin spilling 600 or more milligrams each day. However, when Boron is given in humans, at a dose of 3 mg per day negative calcium balance ceases.

We now know that Boron is essential for maintaining hormonal homeostasis (normal balance) among a group of hormones active in building and maintaining bone tissue. They include testosterone, estradiol, DHEA, and hormonal vitamin D (calcitriol). In addition, zinc, vitamin K2, vitamin D3, vitamin C and magnesium nutrition should be adequate. Given that 70% of the U.S. population is deficient in zinc according to a 1996 USDA study, I will venture to say that supplementation of these essential bone nutrients will be required to assure a healthy skeleton. Green Vibrance, with its 2,000 i.u. of vitamin D3 and 3 mg or Boron per serving provides some critical nutritional support to skeletal tissue. I am saying that one almost always cannot rebuild bone by taking calcium alone. Other nutrients are more essential to bone health than calcium.

Strontium is often put forward as one of these. Strontium is O.K., but not a panacea. Strontiums value is as a replacement for calcium in the huge, structural, hydroxyapatite crystal of bone when calcium is insufficiently supplied. It can fill in for calcium. But bone that relies too much on strontium for its structural integrity becomes more brittle. For that reason, I usually do not recommend one supplement heavily with strontium as part of a bone restoration program. Boron and vitamin D are the biggest players.

Is Green Vibrance free from common allergens? 2015-08-25T10:03:37+02:00

Yes. Green Vibrance is free from common allergens.

Can I use Green Vibrance as a weight loss product? 2015-08-24T16:41:33+02:00

Yes, you can replace 1 or 2 meals with Green Vibrance. However, to feel fuller we suggested adding one scoop of Pure Green Protein (vanilla, chocolate, natural or Mixed Berry Flavor) to one scoop of Green Vibrance in vanilla or unflavoured almond or rice milk. Yum!

I found Green Vibrance in my cabinet; it is still in date, is it safe to take? 2015-08-25T10:03:06+02:00

Yes. There are two desiccant packets in each container of Green Vibrance. One is a moisture absorbing packet the other an oxygen absorbing packet. Removing moisture and air from the container helps to keep it fresh. However, once opened you should store green Vibrance in your refrigerator or freezer (best).

Where is the Vitamin D from? 2015-08-25T09:52:05+02:00

Lichen. Lichen based vegan vitamin D3 is a new plant based vitamin D3 that is wild harvested from lichen that grows on rocks, trees and other locations.

Is Green Vibrance not vegan? 2015-08-24T16:50:57+02:00

Yes, the most current version of Green Vibrance (version 14) is vegan because the Vitamin D3 now comes from lichen rather than lanolin.

Does Green Vibrance contain soy? 2015-08-24T16:50:12+02:00

No, Green Vibrance version 10.3 and earlier contained Lecithin from Soy. However, there was never any detectible Soy Compounds found in Green Vibrance. Today, Green Vibrance contains Lecithin derived from Sunflower.

Is The Curcuminoid Extract Material Irradiated? 2015-08-24T16:30:36+02:00

Mark Timon’s answer: This is an easy answer. No! The curcuminoid extract material is not irradiated. Irradiation is a sure-fire way to sterilize a material in order to guard against bacterial and viral contamination. The extraction process itself does that job, however, in the case of botanical extracts.

Vibrant Health, by-the-way, DOES NOT purchase irradiated raw materials, which usually refers to gamma irradiation. I say usually, because a new ultraviolet light irradiation technique is presenting itself, and seems to do no harm to nutrients and bioactive substances in the treated materials. We have not yet bought any UV sterilized materials, and continue to rely on steam sterilized plant materials when needed.

Can I cook with Green Vibrance? 2015-08-24T16:44:37+02:00

NO! Heating the product will destroy the probiotics and enzymes. Green Vibrance is a undiluted, Comprehensive, Restorative, Live Super food. Please do not cook with it. Blend it into a smoothie or mix it with your favorite juice or water and drink it with your meal if you would like.

I left the Green Vibrance out on the counter, is it still good? 2015-08-24T16:43:59+02:00

Yes, the main reason for keeping it in the fridge or freezer (best) is to retard the die-off of the probiotics. Leaving it out (as long as it is not exposed to extreme heat or moisture) will not harm the product. However, the probiotics die-off will be slowed down once the container is placed in the refrigerator or freezer (best)

When is the best time to take Green Vibrance? 2015-08-24T16:43:20+02:00

The absolute best time is about half an hour after a light breakfast. Many consumers will use Green Vibrance in a smoothie for breakfast, which is fine. The most important thing is TO TAKE Green Vibrance daily when its most convenient for you to do so routinely.

How is Green Vibrance Gluten free when it contains wheat grass? 2017-07-07T13:35:23+02:00

Our Wheat Grass is harvested before the jointing stage. The jointing stage is that point at which the internodal tissue in the grass leaf begins to elongate, forming a stem. This stage represents the peak of the cereal plants vegetative development; factors involved in photosynthesis and plant metabolism would be expected to increase up to this stage. At this stage the grass has yet to sprout. Sprouting begins the process of grain creation. It is the grain that contains Gluten, not the young grass. Since we use the young grass that is harvested before he Jointing Stage there is no grain and subsequently no gluten.

Is there caffeine in Green Vibrance? 2015-08-24T16:40:52+02:00

There is a small amount – 4/10ths of a milligram from the decaffeinated green tea.

Can I put Green Vibrance in a feeding tube? 2015-08-24T16:37:56+02:00

We think this is a great idea However, you should check with your doctor.

I am going through Chemotherapy and or radiation can I still use Green Vibrance? 2015-08-24T16:35:33+02:00

Yes.  Many Customers undergoing Chemotherapy have suggested that they felt better during Chemo while taking Green Vibrance.

Can I mix Green Vibrance with other vitamins, proteins, or super foods? 2015-08-24T16:33:06+02:00

Yes. Green Vibrance is foundational, so adding other supplements as adjuncts is a best practice that has been employed by many over the past 20 plus years. Since the products introduction into the Natural Products Industry consumers have taken fish oils and other supplements along with Green Vibrance. Others have looked to Green Vibrance to replace a myriad of Supplements. The Vibrant Health Branded Products that are great adjuncts to Green Vibrance are Pure Green Protein and Rainbow Vibrance.

Is it safe for me to take Green Vibrance while I am pregnant? I want to make sure that all the ingredients in the product is safe – particularly Ginkgo biloba – there is some information on the web that it is not recommended for pregnant women, but perhaps that is for certain dosages. 2015-08-24T16:25:54+02:00

It is safe to take Green Vibrance during pregnancy and lactation. Many women have used Green Vibrance throughout their pregnancies to great benefit for themselves and the fetus. Green Vibrance delivers essential trace nutrition that benefits both mother and child while improving digestion so that nutrient intake can be maximized. Other ingredients including ginkgo biloba help improve circulation thereby enhancing nutrient delivery to all cells and, of course, to the placenta. The potential dangers of ginkgo biloba alluded to on the web are related to two factors: 1.) Dosage (as you surmised), and 2) vascular integrity. Dosages of hundreds of milligrams per day of ginkgo extract would be unwise for anyone without first paying close attention to overall cardiovascular health. Blood vessels can be prone to leakage IF nutrition is poor. If vitamin C, zinc, calcium, polyphenols, and, to a lesser degree, vitamin D, vitamin K and boron are undersupplied in the diet, collagen synthesis suffers, and blood can leak through capillary walls at frightening rates. The medical community fears ginkgo, because it can thin blood, and improve circulation. Thinner blood will be more prone to seeping rapidly through capillary walls if vascular integrity is poor.

Much of allopathic physicians fear is unfortunately founded on ignorance. They cannot know everything, of course, and the nuances of herbal substances remain unknown to most of them. They are unaware that ginkgo biloba also contains a range of polyphenols that actually improve vascular integrity. So the concern that ginkgo, in conservative doses, may lead to excessive bleeding is overrated, especially in healthy individuals. [However, it is certainly not recommended to give ginkgo to a patient suffering with scurvy. In such a case, vascular integrity has deteriorated to such a point that other nutrients (e.g. vitamin C, zinc, calcium, vitamin D) are needed first to restore firm collagen bonds among the cells of vascular tissue before any blood thinning agent can be given.]

In Green Vibrance, ginkgo biloba is present at a dosage that will not lead to capillary leakage, but will enhance circulation. It is safe to make this statement because the ginkgo is also paired with grape seed extract, milk thistle extract, green tea extract, and Acerola berry extract. All of these botanical extracts supply vitamin C and polyphenols that will enhance vascular integrity. Other nutrients that help build and sustain vascular integrity can be found throughout Green Vibrance (i.e. calcium, vitamin D, vitamin K and boron.) Green Vibrance is balanced, and thoughtfully formulated. It has contributed to the birth of many strong, healthy babies since it first appeared in 1992.

Glucosamine has shown to result in Diabetes!!! …how is this statement incorrect? and could Joint Formulas with Glucosamine in them carry this risk? 2015-08-24T16:30:43+02:00

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Lecithin is not safe to take during pregnancy!!! …how is this statement incorrect and can Green Vibrance therefore(containing 700 mg of lecithin) be safely taken during pregnancy? 2015-08-24T16:31:02+02:00

Mark Timon’s answer: Lecithin, especially in the amount found in Green Vibrance, is perfectly safe to take during pregnancy. It is in the product to provide a source of phospholipids which just happen to be the primary structural component of every cell membrane in the body! Any lecithin that the mother�s body does not consume building and repairing her own cells, may be used to help build cells in the growing foetus. They will also support neurological development while helping keep arteries clear and blood flowing smoothly through the mother’s cardiovascular system, thereby indirectly helping nourish the developing child.

If the fear of lecithin during pregnancy is (erroneously) attached to the false fear that soy lecithin contains phytoestrogens, then, of course, that argument is meaningless given the fact that Green Vibrance contains lecithin from sunflower oil. I would like to do point out, however, that even soy lecithin contains no anti-nutrients and no phytoestrogens due to the high level of processing that must occur in order to extract 98% pure soy phosphatides. The remaining 2% of the material would be moisture and mineral ash. No phytoestrogens.