Dean, age 5 turning 6 at the time, went on a course of Gigartina for 6 months, as per the wart protocol, starting in June 2017. I followed the high dosage wart protocol and I did not miss a day. Dean ended his Gigartina course at the end of December 2017.

Dean’s warts did not heal as quickly as his sisters did. I did the same protocol with his sister when she was his age. His sister took 5 weeks for the warts to heal, however, Dean’s warts took a bit longer, around 3 months.

During this time we also noticed an additional benefit of Dean taking Gigartina. Dean is very susceptible to getting croup. Croup is an upper airway infection that blocks breathing and has a distinctive barking cough. It is caused by a virus. Since Dean was born we have struggled with croup. Even at age 5 he still continued to be effected by croup at even the slightest cold. As recent as early 2017 (I don’t recall the month, it may have been February), Dean was hospitalized for croup. The doctors mentioned that some children who inherit this condition can continue to contract croup no matter their age, and it seemed Dean was one of those unfortunate ones.

We went away on a short family holiday in August 2017. Around that time it appeared Dean had caught a cold so we expected him to, as usual, develop croup. He was still taking the recommended daily dosages of Gigartina. Usually at this point he would either develop a worse cold and then it would often progress into croup. We usually take our nebulizer every time we go on holiday for this very purpose. Dean remained healthy the whole of holiday and did not develop croup the whole holiday, to my husband and my amazement! To date, Dean hasn’t had another croup episode. I can see that Dean’s entire immune system benefited from the 6 month Gigartina course. not just as a treatment for warts but an over all immune booster.

I have decided I’ll purchase individual bottles of Gigartina at certain periods of the year and use accordingly at the first sign of a cold. Although Gigartina is costly, it is well worth it considering the huge benefit of peace of mind knowing that Dean would not develop croup if he is taking Gigartina and the huge benefit to his over all immune system. Doctor visits and medication are also costly and in weighing up both, Gigartina deals with the root of the issue. Gigartina gave us a long term solution with long term benefits.

Kind regards,