As a health practitioner, I work with all sorts of ills, aches and pains and problems with people’s health, and most of them are reasonably straightforward to correct with the right supplements and by lessening their acidity and /or treating their Candida or IBS or Crohn’s etc. But – the one thing I see a lot in my practise is people suffering from the “side effects” of MENOPAUSE. It seems to be a sentence that woman simply accept and they will do anything to get rid of the unpleasant effects thereof – even if it means taking HRT’s which have known long term dangerous side effects.

I am 52 and up until 9 months ago – I had a totally normal period every 28 days and it had never changed. I was beginning to believe that I would never actually hit menopause. So when November rolled around and I kept asking everyone in the office whether or not they were hot – it struck me after about the 10th time of asking this question over a period of weeks – that I was the common denominator. It dawned on me – I WAS PERIMENOPAUSAL and had not had a period in over 2 months. I was having a flush every 3 hours – day and night, so sleep was difficult and I was uncomfortable. I do have to add that I did not experience any mood swings or any of the other symptoms other than some weight gain (more water retention that weight), and a stronger body odour.

As we age, our bodies absorb fewer minerals and we also take in less minerals via our diet, as our foods are so deficient in them. Minerals are essential for the healthy functioning of our entire body system, and Boron is an essential mineral to maintain healthy levels of hormones in both men and women. As we age our ovaries no longer produce estrogen and progesterone (the two hormones needed for a woman’s fertility and reproduction), and it is this change in our hormonal balance that causes us to experience the symptoms we do with menopause.

I immediately started taking 1 x SUPER NATURAL BORON – 3 x a day, and the hot flushes stopped within a day or two. On the days I forgot to take the Boron – I started flushing again, so I quickly realised that even though my diet included at least 3 – 4 mg of Boron a day as a result of taking Green Vibrance – it was simply not enough to support a Menopausal body system. I continued taking 3 capsules per day for about 4 months even though all the symptoms had vanished, and now I take 1 x Super Natural Boron a day to maintain my healthy balanced levels, on top of the 3 mg’s I get in my daily Green Vibrance.

I also started taking an extra scoop of SUPER NATURAL CALCIUM in my smoothie daily – which contains an extra 41 minerals and vitamins to assist the body with functional balancing in order to assist in increased absorption and assimilation of a nutrients.

I already take 8,000 i.u’s of VITAMIN D3 per day and I added 1 x KREBS ZINC to increase energy
production, cellular repair and to support the organs responsible for hormone production. As a result I have not had any hot flushes or experienced anymore symptoms. It seems that by giving my body the minerals it needs, I got through menopause quicker and without any side effects – the way our body was designed to manage menopause.

Now I know I have come off lightly here – but I ask myself why? It is because I have maintained my mineral levels and increased them as I have aged. I have respected the fact that my nutritional requirements have increased and that I need to supplement with food form nutrients in order to maintain healthy balanced body systems.

We can all avoid the harmful and destructive HRT’s and synthetic hormones by simply supporting our body with the right natural minerals and vitamins from whole food sources – from birth till death. I certainly plan to live a long and healthy life and to avoid anything artificial or synthetic – and to simply slow down as I age and eventually fade off into the Universe – avoiding all the modern man induced illnesses so many take for granted as being “normal”.
– Angé Loock-Shearer
B. Occupational Therapy (University of Stellenbosch), TRE & QEC Practitioner

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