Perioral Dermatitis Treatment

In February 2015, I was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. This is a skin condition which resulted in a red, puffy and itchy rash around my eyes. The dermatologist told me there was no known cause for this terrible condition, which could only be cured by a 2-4 month course of antibiotics. Even then, the rash could re-occur resulting in an additional course of antibiotics if needed. Based on my online research, Perioral dermatitis could be quite stubborn and I knew it was horrible to look at.

Here’s a little background to my nutritional state at the time. I had been an avid supporter of the Vibrant Health products by Natural Vibrance for about 3 years. I drank a green smoothie daily, with Green Vibrance and Pure Green Protein. I also took Krebs Zinc daily. If I felt the flu coming on, the first thing I would get my hands on was Immune Defense and it sorted me out within two days. I even did the Vibrant Cleanse for 7 days, just to see what it would be like. I ordered organic fruit, veg and meats online and avoided gluten, refined sugar and processed carbs. Thus, you can imagine my shock and horror, after living a relatively healthy and antibiotic free lifestyle and then receiving this diagnosis and terrifying remedy protocol!

As per usual, I emailed Natural Vibrance straight away to find out how they could help. The friendly and helpful team picked up my actual problem straight away. In December 2014, I had had a metal filling replaced by my dentist. I did not know there was a very precise procedure that needed to be followed when extracting metal fillings to avoid mercury poisoning. My dentist did not follow these procedures, resulting in me contracting heavy metal poisoning.

I was put on a much cleaner and greener remedy protocol than my dermatologist could prescribe with Natural Vibrance. I started on 3 scoops of Field of Greens a day, with my regular doses of Green Vibrance for about a month. Field of Greens is a heavy metal detoxer and it alkalinises the body. I was also given a heavy metal remedy from Natural Vibrance to speed up the process. Then I went down to two scoops a day of Field of Greens for another month. I was then advised to find a gap in my social calendar for a 12 day Vibrant Cleanse to rid myself of the remaining toxins. This was really tough! A year prior, actually to the month, I had done the Vibrant Cleanse for 7 days, which I didn’t find too difficult. This time round, I really felt the toxins flowing out of my body from day 3-6 and again on about day 8 and 9. I was tired, sluggish, very grumpy and moody too. I did the salt water purge religiously every morning and borrowed a friends rebounder to assist with lymphatic movement. By the tenth day I was bouncing off the walls I had so much energy and my mind felt so clear, positive and fresh. It really was a great feeling! An added bonus was that I managed to lose 7.5kgs in the 12 days. I followed the post cleanse protocol to the tee too, and since completion I have only picked up 0.9kgs.

I am very happy to say that my face is perioral dermatitis free ever since!! Some people are cursed with this terrible condition for years. Thanks to Natural Vibrance and Vibrant Health, I was cured in 3 months, lost some excess weight and I am still feeling better than ever after having the heavy metal poison removed from my system. Since completion, quite a few people have commented on how much healthier and happier I seem. The first thing I tell them about are these great health products I’ve been taking, and I have slowly begun converting a few take-away junkies and antibiotic addicts. Even my husband won’t go without his green smoothie in the morning now!

Thank you so much to Natural Vibrance for your assistance with the heavy metal poisoning protocol as well as for all the guidance and encouragement during the cleanse. I cannot thank you enough for bringing such wonderful products into our beautiful country!!

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