///Gigartina RMA – 120 Capsules

Gigartina RMA – 120 Capsules


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Gigartina Red Marine Algae features the richest source of gigartina available. Gigartina is rich in sulfated polysaccharides, which are substances known to inhibit certain viruses. Available in 90 and 120 capsule bottles.

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Gigartina RMA is made up of the strain Gigartina Skottsbergii, which is recognized as having the most consistently rich sulphated polysaccharide content. They significantly reduce the infection rate of a virus and inhibit the replication of a virus.

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90 or 120 Vegetable Capsules

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Vegan & Vegetarian

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  1. Natural Vibrance

    Dear Natural Vibrance Team
    I was recommended to use your product, Gigartina, by a homeopath. She suggested using it to treat my son’s verruca. I was a bit anxious about ordering online but found your service to be very efficient and reliable. My son took 2 capsules daily for a month and about a week after that we saw that the verruca had died. It was quite amazing as it was large and yet the whole thing died and although this sounds gross, we could actually scoop the dead verruca out of his foot. His foot has healed completely now. I have just ordered another bottle and your Immune Defence to help us ward off flu this winter.
    Kind regards

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