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Super Natural Calcium (Powder)


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Super Natural Calcium provides completely natural, vegan, calcium from hydrilla verticillata and lithothamnium sp. calcarerous algae. Available in powder and tablets.

  • Vegan, plant-based calcium
  • Highly absorbable formula
  • Supports healthy bones and circulation

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Calcium is needed by all humans, at all times, at all ages. Muscles cannot contract without calcium, meaning you couldn’t walk, run, or pump blood to your brain without it. It’s needed for the proper synthesis of collagen, and therefore, healthy bones. Super Natural Calcium provides calcium as it is found in nature and plant-based calcium is estimated to be two times more bioavailable than other calcium supplements available today. The ingredients also provide natural magnesium, which works in harmony with calcium by helping muscles to relax.

Super Natural Calcium
Powder | Net Wt. 129.21g (4.56oz.) | 30 Day Supply
Tablets | 120 Tablets

How much vitamin D should be taken with Super Natural Calcium?
A good daily intake of Vitamin D is now considered to be 2,000 i.u. Some researchers are advising daily intake…
What is the suggested daily intake of Super Natural Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) for teenagers, adults and pregnant women?
Teenagers’ metabolism is at its lifetime peak, building most tissues at a fearsome rate. Calcium is needed at high levels….
Why are Maximized Turmeric 46x and Super Natural Calcium in tablet form rather than capsules? What about the use of dicalcium phosphate and magnesium stearate as excipients?
The raw materials in Maximized Curcuminoids (turmeric root extract) and Green Calcium (hydrilla verticillata) have low bulk densities. Encapsulation would…
Is it ok to take Super Natural Boron and Super Natural Calcium together to help osteoporosis?
Yes, absolutely. Taking them together is fine, although the boron can be taken whenever it is convenient. Relevant Products Super…
Who Needs Calcium?
Super Natural Calcium can restore calcium nutrition in a form human biochemistry recognizes and utilizes. The mineral is needed by…
Is Too Much Calcium Bad?
Elevated blood calcium levels (hypercalcemia) through overconsumption of calcium (or rarely through chronically elevated urinary Ca excretion to the point…
Natural vs. Synthesized Calcium
Calcium compounds synthesized for commercial use such as calcium citrate, calcium citrate/malate, calcium aspartate, calcium orotate and other forms (apart…
The Body with Enough Calcium
Calcium will influence thousands of biological reactions. The most basic role of calcium is to enable collagen synthesis, along with…
Our Calcium Source
The calcium in Super Natural Calcium is supplied by hydrilla verticillata, a rooted, freshwater plant that contains 15% elemental calcium…
Great for Vegetarians
Super Natural Calcium also provides iron and calcium, commonly supplied by animal foods (e.g. milk, cheese, meats).
Hydrilla Verticillata
Hydrilla verticillata is a rooted fresh water plant of high nutrient density and bland taste. The rooted freshwater plant, hydrilla verticillata…


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In 1992, on the second floor of a barn in the hamlet of Great Valley, NY, our teeny, tiny, dietary supplement company was born. Founder Mark Timon had set aside a few thousand dollars to manufacture the first 500 jars of Green Vibrance. He wanted to make a strong, general nutrition product that would “get you right” on the inside. The formula had 38 ingredients originally, carefully selected to aid detoxification, provide antioxidant protection and micronutrition, and rehabilitate abused digestive tracts. More than 25 years later, we remain dedicated to crafting an award-winning family of products with your optimum health in mind. We’re proud to have built a company that delivers nutrition you can trust, sourcing and managing every raw ingredient for maximum quality and potency. Vibrant Health provides supplemental nutrition that supports human biochemistry. The steady decline in trace nutrients from fresh foods, and increased refined and fast foods in our modern diets, has led us to believe that supplemental nutrition is a necessity, if one hopes to achieve a robust immune system and vibrant health. Natural Vibrance Life is a company specializing in the importing and distribution of the finest health and healing products nature provides.

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200g powder, Tablets (60)

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