The Redemption Run

“On Sunday 20th April 2014 I embarked on a crazy run from Cape Town to Durban in 42 days. With no financial or medical back-up, an injured calf muscle and close to 2 000 km’s to run; I knew that I had bitten off much more than I could chew. Poor nutrition amongst many other problems soon became a huge concern. About 400 km’s into my run, my body started protesting against the unhealthy fast foods I was forced to eat, as I didn’t have a support team who could arrange healthier options. At this point I really started to panic, because I wasn’t even halfway and my body felt terribly weak.

I had started using GREEN VIBRANCE and PURE GREEN PROTEIN about 3 months prior to the start of this run and it made a significant improvement in my training. I was however able to combine it with a healthy diet in a controlled environment at home. The situation I was facing while on the road was totally different as I had very little control of what I ate as I spent most of my day running. At this point I was in a make or break situation and so I decided to rely mainly on the nutritional benefits of these two products (Green Vibrance and Pure Green Protein) which I felt had worked for me during my training. My reasoning at the time was that if it had the nutritional value it promised, I could just fill my stomach with healthy food (like fruit, vegetables, bread and if available, cooked fish or meat, etc.) and still get the complete amount of nutrition I need from my daily servings of GREEN VIBRANCE. I felt much stronger after the 3rd day as my body started to recover. My energy levels also began to rise, which in turn boosted my (depleted) self-confidence.

My injured calf muscle also posed a really big threat and optimal recovery seemed to be crucial, as my body wouldn’t have coped with new injuries. To counteract this threatening situation, I started to use PURE GREEN PROTEIN twice during the longer running days of 60 km’s. (and more one serving halfway through the distance and the other as soon as I finished.) This was a (particularly) good decision, because at some point I had to skip some rest days to make up for lost time, which left me with less recovery time. I can honestly say that I didn’t pick up any other injuries.  On the contrary, the injury to my calf muscle cleared up two days before the end of the run.

Looking back now, I KNOW that as far as nutrition is concerned, I would never have been able to succeed (in my quest) if it wasn’t for my daily intake of GREEN VIBRANCE and PURE GREEN PROTEIN, which had been kindly sponsored by NATURAL VIBRANCE. I’m glad to say that I finished my run in (a period of) 41 days. One day less than the 42 days I was aiming for!” – Marius Brown


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