“Vitamins Are Of No Consequence Without Minerals”

//“Vitamins Are Of No Consequence Without Minerals”

“Vitamins Are Of No Consequence Without Minerals”

Let that sink in a bit… minerals NOT vitamins are the foundation of health and that’s not saying don’t take vitamins but rather take your vitamins and minerals in food form where they are inextricably linked not only to each other but to enzymes, co-enzymes, known and unknown nutrients.

This is why food is medicine, our bodies recognise and absorb and utilise nutrients found in nature at a cellular level. Isolated nutrients and synthetic supplements are chemicals that don’t provide the complexity of nutrients that work synergistically to promote health. You aren’t going to create an imbalance in the body with food form nutrients, there is little, if not zero risk of toxicity.

The problem is Boron, Selenium and Chromium are critically deficient in our soils so the chances are you aren’t getting your daily dose, which over time results in deficiencies, vitamins stop working as they should, cellular function falters and over time can result in disease. What are these minerals good for? Very basically…

?Boron supports hormonal health and joint health.

?Selenium is vital for thyroid health, cancer (especially tumours) and immunity – namely against viruses.

?Chromium is important for blood sugar.

It is little wonder that Diabetes, Joint disorders, Cancer and Thyroid diseases have become a common ailments of the 21st Century.

It is for this reason that @vibranthealth include phyto-selenium, phyto-boron and phyto-chromium in Green Vibrance. Minerals in their plant form added in to make up for the lack of these minerals in our diet.

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