Healing diabetic wounds with Turmeric

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Healing diabetic wounds with Turmeric


Healing diabetic wounds – Links Sister’s healing

Sometimes one just is faced with the most awful situations of neglect and ill health as a health practitioner – and this was one of those cases.

My dear gardener Links, of 13 years who lives on my property came to me with tears in his eyes one day saying his sister was dying. When I asked “what of” – he said that her legs were rotten and the doctors did not think it was worth cutting them off as they were too bad – so they sent her home to her shack with no medication to die!

I immediately gave him money for a taxi to bring her to me and what I saw both horrified and disgusted me – physically and emotionally. I can handle just about anything medically (my training as an Occupational Therapist prepared me for pretty much anything)  but the stench of a living being who was rotting to death was unbelievable. Her legs were so rotten that flies had embedded themselves in her rotten flesh and the pus and liquid just POURED out of her legs. She was grossly overweight – and I mean grossly. She could no longer move – but had apparently not been able to move for years, and she could barely speak or think.

I immediately set to work:

I bathed her rotten flesh in buckets of Hypericum tincture 4 x a day and watched the infection slowly disappear.


I made her drink MAXIMISED TURMERIC:  3 capsules 4 x per day. Potentized Turmeric is anti-infalmmmatory, antibacterial, pain relieving and tissue healing. Fantastic for both acute and chronic conditions.

I made her a double scoop of GREEN VIBRANCE daily – Green Vibrance is blend of 73 ingredients made of botanicals, greens foods, antioxidants, 25 billion probiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamins and minerals in food form. These ingredients are specifically chosen to support all body systems (circulatory, digestive, skeletal, brain, liver, skin).

I made her a full scoop of GLYCEAMIC VIBRANCE morning and night – now called Metabolic Vibrance, it has all the ingredients (minerals, auryvedic botanicals and amino acids) shown to help reverse type 2 diabetes. Along with massive antioxidants it is essential for balancing blood sugar levels, losing weight and tissue healing.

And miracle of miracles – I watched her body heal and come back to life. She started talking, walking, participating and all her pain lessened daily. The infection, pus and inflammation and smell of death slowly started disappearing.


After 2 weeks – she went home to her house – and started living again. All this was an expensive exercise and she would have died if I did not have the ability to do this for her – the medical system had given up on her, but healing her was so easy and so fast. All she needed was the right nutrition in the right form (food form) and in the best quality. The photos tell the story of how well she healed but not only this, she lost weight and had more energy than she had had in years. Links said that his sister was a changed woman.

MAXIMIZED TURMERIC A powerful anti-inflammatory, wound healer, antioxidant, tissue healer, detoxifier and promoter of healthy cell growth. 3 caps 4 x per day
GREEN VIBRANCE Green Vibrance is a powdered concentrate of 74 ingredients (whole plants, botanical extracts, 12 strains of probiotics, enzymes, and isolated nutrients). It provides concetrated nutrition specifically added to support each body system (digestive, immune, skeletal, circulatory, liver, brain, endocrine etc) 1 scoop 2 x per day
GLYCEMIC VIBRANCE Metabolic Vibrance is a blend of concentrated natural foods high in fiber with trace nutrients, polyphenols, essential minerals, carnitine, botanical extracts and antioxidants recognized to help in the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, syndrome X, diabetes and weight loss 1 scoop 2 x per day
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